DDN MGT Bulletin #34

Wed, 9 Sep 87 10:03:53 PDT

The implementation of this software will happen in 2 phases. The 1st
phase of the PSN 7.0 implementation will require site coordination and
cooperation. All sites will have to place the new cassettes with boot
programs into their PSN's during their scheduled reboot. Sites will
be notified by the ARPANET Monitoring Center, Cambridge, MA for details and
specific times for their scheduled upgrade. New cassette tapes will
be sent to the individual node site coordinators. This phase of the
transition moves the network from the current version (PSN 6.0) to PSN
7.0 with the new End to End protocol's not configured. Individual
site upgrades will take approximately 15 minutes.

Phase II of the implementation will be the cutover to the New End to
End protocols. The initial upgrade to PSN 7.0 and subsequent cutovers
will happen in the order specified in the schedule below. Please be
aware that during the cutover period to new End to End, that said node
group will be logically segmented for a 2-3 hour test period from the
test of the ARPANET.

Any questions or comments can also be directed to Mark Whitney at
BBNCC (617) 497-2874 or Annette Bauman at DCA (703) 265-5459.

Schedule: Event:

09/24/87-09/26-87 Node group 1 sites will be upgraded to PSN 7.0.

09/24-87-10/02/87 Resolve any outstanding issues with these sites.

10/01/87-10/03/87 Node groups 2 thru 5 upgraded to PSN 7.0.

10/03/87-10/10/87 Resolve any outstanding issues with these sites.

10/10/87 All ARPANET nodes running PSN 7.0 with new End to
                        End protocols NOT configures.

10/10/87-10/17/87 Verify all operational procedures.

10/17/87 Node group 1 turnover to new End to End, operation
                        verified and return to the old End to End.

10/17/87-10/24/87 Resolve any outstanding issues with above cutover.

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