DDN MGT Bulletin #34

Wed, 9 Sep 87 10:03:53 PDT

DDN MGT Bulletin 34 DCA DDN Defense Communications System
9 Sep 87 Published by: DDN Network Info Center
                                    (NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA) (800) 235-3155

                        DEFENSE DATA NETWORK

                         MANAGEMENT BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed online by the DDN Network
Information Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating
official policy, procedures and other information of concern to
management personnel at DDN facilities. Back issues may be read
through the TACNEWS server ("@n" command at the TAC) or may be
obtained by FTP (or Kermit) from the SRI-NIC host [ or] using login="anonymous" and password="guest". The pathname
for bulletins is DDN-news:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-nn.TXT (where "nn" is the
bulletin number).

                     ANNOUNCEMENT OF PSN UPGRADE

To all ARPANET users, Node Site Coordinators, and Host Administrators:

New versions of software are being released to the ARPANET backbone
network over the next six weeks. This will cause minimal disruption
to the user community, but will require reloading of all Packet
Switching Nodes (PSN) on the ARPANET. The software is referred to as
PSN 7.0 and contains the implementation of the new End to End
protocols. A mailbox has been set up at BBNCC for questions and
comments regarding this software upgrade. The E-mail address is
arpaupgrade@bbn.com. The standard procedure to call the BBNCC Hotline
for problems will still be in effect. The Toll free number is

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