Terminal Server Questions?

8 Sep 87 15:49:00 GMT

Looking for recommendations and suggestions on a Ethernet - TCP/IP
Serial port sever. These are the gadets that concentrate and connect
several RS-232 ports to a TCP/IP ethernet backbone. We have a
network of Sun's, Pyramid, generic 68020 Unix and OS-9 systems as
well as PC's on our network. We have run out of genric serial ports
and are looking at this as a mechanism to distribute serial ports
around the company.

We have an immediate need for additional ports, but we are thinking
that for the mondo growth we are experiencing that we will
standardize on using these concentrators for connecting serial ports
to various Unix boxes. Is this a good idea? The serial port traffic
is primairly terminals but a chunk of the traffic is high speed
binary download modules.

We are looking at the Encore Annex, the Cisco ASM Communications
Server and the Micom Ethernet Terminal Server. Are there others out
there worth looking at? Are there known good/bad things about the
above devices? I'm looking for tips, hints and experiences. Please
send via E-Mail and I will synopsize to the net.

                                Bob Berger

Datacube Inc. Systems / Software Group 4 Dearborn Rd. Peabody, Ma 01960
VOICE: 617-535-6644; FAX: (617) 535-5643; TWX: (710) 347-0125
UUCP: berger@datacube.COM, ihnp4!datacube!berger

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