Re: ISO8473 vs. IP

Marty Schoffstall (
Wed, 09 Sep 87 07:49:25 -0400

This paragraph isn't clear to me....

    The algorithm doesn't work quite like that. In fact, the bit is
    set roughly half the time, and all it takes is one packet in the
    queue to set the bit. Setting it half the time has the result of getting

whose queue?

    the most information out of it (information theory). So it is not
    like there is a problem and then the bit is set to relieve the problem.

What is the algorithm for setting the bit then? When everything is fine?

    Instead, the bit is continuously set to achieve a smooth and appropriate
    flow of data into the net. I.e., we neven (hopefully) reach the point
    where a transmitter is hosing the net in the first place.

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