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Jeremy G Harris (mcvax!ukc!stc!root44!jgh@seismo.css.gov)
8 Sep 87 16:38:45 GMT

Are there any known problems in the 4.3 code dealing with IP options?
I can't understand it....

Specifically, in routine ip_dooptoptions, file ip_input.c:

1) Strict source route with record
    appears to record an address for the receiving
    interface rather than the transmitting one.
2) Record route
    appears to route the datagram based on a garbage address,
    bouncing an ICMP "source route failed" if this fails or
    recording an address for the bogus transmitting interface
    if it succeeds.

Are these bugs or have I missed something?
Has anybody fixed them?
Does anybody use IP options anyway?
Do I have an out-of-date RFC?

Thanks in antici... . . . pation,

Reference: RFC 791: IP protocol spec. Sept '81 pp. 20,21
                "... address as known in the environment into which
                     this datagram is being forwarded"

                   (identical wording in two places)

Jeremy Harris			jgh@root.co.uk

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