Sendmail message delays and timeout

8 Sep 87 18:43 EDT

We are having a problem using UNIX 4.3 sendmail. It will send messages
to our CYBER quickly (1 sec) for a while, and then will gradually take
longer and longer to send a message until finally it takes so long (7
minutes) to send the message that some UNIX timer kicks in and aborts
the connection. When this happens, all subsequent messages time out in
this manner, and we cannot send messages to the CYBER until we re-boot
the VAX.

We have looked at this with both an Ethernet analyzer and using the debug
facility within sendmail. In the slow transactions, there is a delay of
several minutes between the time that UNIX TCP receives the 354 reply to
the DATA command, and the time that UNIX TCP sends the message text.
The delay is always at this one point, and there is no other difference
between slow and fast transactions. Even in sessions that time out, the
sendmail debug output indicates that sendmail believes it has sent the
message text, but it never appears on the Ethernet. There are no
retransmission packets or ICMP messages to indicate some lower-level

Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? Any pointers will
be appreciated.

Mike Sanders

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