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Stephen M. Carr (
Tue, 8 Sep 87 15:14:35 PDT

Ref: (a) National Research Council, "Transport Protocols for
          Department of Defense Data Networks", RFC942, National
          Academy Press, Washington, D.C., February 1985


1. Reference (a) document which Shiraz Bhanji referred to is
online at The path name is <RFC>RFC942.TXT. So if
you have FTP capability, you can download it. It is in excess of
217,000 bytes.

2. I am assuming that you don't have FTP capability from your
host into the ARPANET/MILNET. Therefore, if you would like, I or
one of your colleagues could try to forward it to you via SMTP.

3. Here is a list of other recent RFCs which might interest you
on related subjects. All of these documents are online in the
same directory.

                             RFC INDEX
                   Jun 87 (McCoy) Implementation Guide for the ISO
   Transport Protocol
(RFC1007) Jun 87 (McCoy) Military Supplement to the ISO
   Transport Protocol
                   May 87 (Rose) ISO Transport Services on top
   of the TCP Version:3 (Obsoletes RFC 983)
                   Jan 87 (ANSIx353.3) End System to Intermediate System
   Routing Exchange Protocol for use in conjunction with ISO 8473
                   Jan 87 (ANSIx353.3) Final Text of DIS 8473, Protocol
   for Providing the Connectionless Mode Network Service (Obsoletes RFC 926)
   ... Nov 85 (Padlipsky) TCP-4 Prime
   ... Apr 85 (Postel) DOD Statement on NRC Report
   ... Mar 85 (NRC) Transport Protocols for Department
   of Defense Data Networks
   ... Feb 85 (NRC) Executive Summary of the NRC Report
   on Transport Protocols for Department of Defense Data Networks
   ... Apr 84 (ISO) ISO Transport Protocol Specification
   (ISO DP 8073) (Obsoletes RFC 892)

4. I hope this is of some help.

                           Steve Carr
                          LCDR, SC, USN

Navy Management Systems Support Office (Code 33C)
Naval Air Station
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