Re: unbix or rmx

Ron Natalie (
Tue, 8 Sep 87 14:57:55 EDT

I know of no RMX TCP/IP implemenations. However, the XENIX (UNIX) for the
286 doesn't really have TCP/IP either. You can buy inteligent protocol cards
from a company like CMC (they have the software for XENIX) to talk to the
Ethernet with TCP/IP. You ought to be able to write a RMX interface for this
if you know enough about RMX.

As for how small XENIX can get? I'm not sure. I only had a single memory
card in my 310 but I have no idea how much was on it (a meg?). As for disk
space, a minimal system comes on a single floppy disk so that you can load
in the rest of the baseline system which comes on around 20 360K floppies.
This means that the baseline system takes up less than 7 MEG, but you could
probably reduce that even smaller by throwing away things like /usr/dict/words
and other large systems that aren't used. UNIX also needs somewhere to swap
but you can probably get by with a few meg for this.


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