Re: ISO8473 vs. IP

Paul Tsuchiya (
Tue, 8 Sep 87 09:06:22 EDT

The simple reply is that they are very similar functionally, but
different in terms of header format and all that.

I would be hard pressed to say what the important differences were
since that depends on ones priorities. However, the ISO8473 address
is much bigger (up to 20 bytes vs. 4 for DoD IP). I like the
partial source routing of ISO8473 because I am involved in routing.
However, that feature can bite you if you are not careful, and I
wouldn't be surprized if it never gets widely implemented.

If one consideres ICMP to part and parcel of DoD IP, then there are
a couple more differences. ICMP has the Echo function, which ISO8473 does
not, and has the Redirect. However, ISO9542 (the ES-IS routing protocol
for use with ISO8473) has the redirect function, so its tit for tat.

I will be interested to see what others perceive as the major
differences between the two. I have never sat down and made a
blow by blow comparison.

        Paul Tsuchiya
        The MITRE Corp.

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