Re: ACC's FTP Protocol Modification Proposal

7 Sep 87 08:54 EDT

Mike, by "quote", don't you mean a command at the topmost UI layer, not the
PI layer which the RFC lays down the law for? The RFC provides the "SITE"
command for local vagarities. Since I see nothing in the RFC which would
preclude the SITE command before the USER command, I should think that would
be the way for ACC to go with this interoperable difficulty. However, I am
in total agreement with your strong statement on the bending of command

Chris, I would think again about supporting this type of service. Although
the FTP protocol is intentionally designed for interactive use by the owner
of the password, the world is obviously moving toward unattended file
transfer (and other traditionally interactive tasks). The better approach is
to insist that the security system merely request the user to change his
password and continue to accept the existing password until the human being
explicitly changes it. Note that if several batch FTPs are queued and the
first one changes the password, the remaining FTPs will fail...

Best regards,

Dave Craig
Network Solutions, Inc.

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