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Mike Khaw (teknowledge-vaxc!
5 Sep 87 04:27:52 GMT

> perhaps you would find the MM program available for Unix and VMS
> which is derived on the version for TOPS-20 to be superior
> to what you are using. I suggest contacting Kashtan@IU.AI.SRI.COM
> for more information.

TOPS20 MM is a fine program in its environment. Unix MM doesn't feel
like Unix: it feels like a little TOPS20 island plopped into the midst
of Unix. You may consider that a plus. I don't.

It uses its own format for mail files, different from what Unix mail
uses, so I haven't found a way to make it read Unix mail files. (It reads
incoming mail into ~/mail.txt, making alterations to suit its format in
the process.) MM also seems to think that "/" is a TOPS20 switch
metacharacter or some such, so it doesn't understand Unix pathnames. The
built-in help uses TOPS20 terminology to the extent of referring to
documentation files in TOPS20 syntax (e.g., DOC:<FOO>BAR.DOC;1).

Mike Khaw

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