There is a solution to my SUN 3.4 problem

Joanne Mannarino (linus!philabs!
3 Sep 87 21:17:18 GMT

Thanks for all your responses to my 3.4 problem. We have finally found a

The 3.4 release introduced subnetting. The way the networking software for
3.4 works is that the diskless client comes up and requests a subnet mask.
It waits for a response from the server. The TCP/IP software (we're running
XLAN but problems have occured with Wollongong also) responds with a subnet
mask that is invalid. The diskless client is supposed to check it, determine
that it is invalid, disregard it, and wait for the server to respond with the
correct subnet mask. BUT with the 3.4 release, the client wasn't ignoring
the invalid subnet mask so thus it would hang. SUN has provided a patch to
the kernel software to take care of this.

If anyone else is still having this problem, you should call SUN support and
ask for the fix to bug id 1006127. This solution was sent to me by Bill
Nowicki, Network Software Developer at SUN. According to him, they have a
guard against this in the 3.5 release.

-Joanne Mannarino

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