New release of KA9Q Internet Package

Bdale Garbee (PT!cadre!pitt!winfree!
2 Sep 87 14:09:14 GMT

Announcing an update to the KA9Q TCP/IP software package release of 870526.0,
bringing the current release date up to 870829.0. This update adds fixes bugs,
and adds some minor functionality. A new release will occur in a couple of
weeks with support for 4bsd and sysV unix machines, this version still supports
only the PC and PC clone class of machines.

The changes:
        - Improved KISS bits for the TNC1 from Gerard, PA0GRI.

        - the ASCII text at the top of one of the TNC2 hex files is gone now.

        - Minor tweaks to BM from Gerard, PA0GRI, Phil KA9Q, and yours truly.
          Biggest noticeable differences are that BM no longer looks at the
 file at all, but instead passes symbolic hostnames to
          the smtp client in net... and we once again changed the text entry
          code. It's more like bsd Mail now. Default is a silly text entry
          routine, a "~e" gets you into your favorite editor, and a "~p"
          shows what you've typed so far.

        - NET.EXE understanding of symbolic hostnames ala the file
          has been extended. You now need to wrap numeric IP addresses in
          square brackets, as in "[]", as you can use symbolic names
          anywhere you need to use an IP address (including in the

        - Since BM no longer deals with IP addresses, a "gateway" command has
          been added to NET.EXE, so that it knows where to send mail that
          fails the lookup in

        - Internal changes and a fix to the ftp server so that it now handles
          NLST command properly, all from Phil, KA9Q. Bugs that were in the
          870526.5 interim release that was only distributed in a limited
          fashion apparently disappeared with the latest tweaks...

        - documentation has (as usual) been updated somewhat.

        - some other random tweaks I'm sure I've forgotten...

What to do once you have software, aka "getting an IP address":

        Users of this software package become part of the "global IP
        internet", and as such need to obtain unique IP address assignments
        for each host they plan to put on the air, or "on the wire". Major
        metropolitan areas in the US, and countries with active TCP-using
        groups probably already have blocks of addresses in amateur radio
        44.X.X.X block assigned to them. Ask around locally before you go
        any further.

        If there is no local address block in your area, and/or noone is
        coordinating address assignments for your local net, contact Wally
        Linstruth WA6JPR. Wally is the global top-level address administrator
        for the ham radio 44.X.X.X subnet. Wally may be reached by email at

        or ...!sdcsvax!net1!wally

        or via the new forwarding mechanism I have set up for those sites who
        know how to reply via mail to this message, but can't reach Wally's
        machine directly:

                winfree!wally -or- winfree!wally -or- wally@winfree.uucp

How to obtain the KA9Q Internet software:

- Via uucp, the files are on winfree in tar archives as:

          /usr/spool/uucppublic/pub/ka9q_all.tar.Z 16 bit Compress 4.0
          /usr/spool/uucppublic/pub/ka9q_all.t12.Z 12 bit Compress 4.0

        For Anonymous UUCP login, use phone number 303/593-0696, at 2400
        baud (it will do 1200 if you send a return to rotate it down),
        "standard Unix login sequence", username of "Uanon", password of
        "notFTP". An example L.sys entry ala winfree's uucp would be:

                winfree Any ACU 2400 13035930696 ogin: Uanon word: notFTP

        I've never run an anonymous login for uucp before, so let me know
        if I got it wrong!

        A reasonable command to issue to pick up the 12-bit distribution
        would be

                uucp winfree!~/pub/ka9q_all.t12.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic

- ***** My BBS is currently down with a dead hard drive. If anyone
        ***** has a spare drive they would be willing to donate to the cause,
        ***** *please* get in touch with me ASAP! Cashflow around here is
        ***** a joke... :-( Normally,

        Via Opus, log in to my BBS and download from the appropriate files
        area. There are several .ARC files for the full distribution, one
        for each of the directories. SeaDog file requests are ok.

        I have configured my BBS to allow first time users ample resources to
        download the full distribtuion at 1200 baud. The phone number is

        If you have any trouble downloading from the BBS, please let me know.
        Speeds that are supported include 300, 1200, and 2400.

- Via US Snail, Andy Freeborn N0CCZ has agreed to make floppy copies.
        To get a copy from him, send $5 AND a completed return address mailing
        label (orders without a mailing label will be considered
        contributions to the BBS hard drive fund, see above... :-) to:

                Andy Freeborn, N0CCZ
                5222 Borrego Drive
                Colorado Springs, CO 80918

        What you get for the $5: 5 floppies, including two of RFC's and IEN's
        that relate to the code, two that include the actual release, and one
        that is intended to be a sort of "plug and play" disk for getting on
        the air immediately...

        For those who just want the RFC/IEN disks, Andy will send you just
        those two disks for $2 and a mailing label. If you want any particular
        RFC or IEN, contact Andy to find out what archive it is in (we have
        them all packed up, one ARC per 360k pc disk), and he will send you
        that RFC or IEN, along with many others, on a floppy for $1/disk. You
        can't mix and match, you get the block of documents that are in a
        given archive.

        DO NOT SEND floppies, mailers, postage, etc... but DO send the mailing

        Andy is also reachable as
                winfree!andy or
        if you need more information (?). Andy is within an on-air FTP of
        me, so we should be able to keep his bits up to date!

- on the ARPAnet, or attached portions of the Internet, look on
        via anonymous FTP for the files in the directory

- Within a day or two of a new release, the code should also be available
        from the following additional secondary distribution points:

                from Doug KD4NC in Atlanta, GA
                        uucp: winfree!kd4nc!dug
                from Bob Hoffman N3CVL in Pittsburgh, PA
                        uucp: pitt!hoffman
                from Wally Linstrugh WA6JPR in Santa Barbara, CA
                from Brian Kantor at UCSD. (via anonymous FTP?)
                        uucp: sdcsvax!tcp-group-request

        Unreleased (read: under development) versions are often available
        on, generally alongside official releases...
        caveat emptor...

If anyone has any trouble getting hold of a copy of the code, please let me

How to contact me:

        Bdale Garbee, N3EUA
        1433 Territory Trail
        Colorado Springs, CO 80919
        303/590-2868w, 303/593-9828h

    *** go easy on the phone calls please, I'm not getting much sleep! ***

uucp: {bellcore,crash,hp-lsd,ncc,pitt,vixie}!winfree!bdale
fido: Bdale Garbee at 128/19, 303/593-0766, 300/1200/2400 baud, 24hrs (*DOWN*)
packet: n3eua @ k0hoa

Bdale Garbee, N3EUA		phone: 303/593-9828 h, 303/590-2868 w
uucp: {bellcore,crash,hp-lsd,ncc,pitt,usafa,vixie}!winfree!bdale
fido: sysop of 128/19		packet:	n3eua @	k0hoa, Colorado	Springs

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