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Keith Moore (moore@UTKCS2.CS.UTK.EDU)
Thu, 3 Sep 87 13:18:21 edt

[Apologies if this isn't strictly within the scope of this group]

I'm looking for a better mailer! I'm tired of using the mail programs
supplied with VMS and Berkeley Unix (Ultrix 1.2). I'd like something that
can keep track of large numbers of old messages, with database-like
searching and query capabilities. It would also be nice if it would
keep messages in order, remember which messages have been replied to,
follow message chains, etc. And I'm sure a sophisticated mailer would
have other useful features I haven't dreamed about.

So I'm soliciting information on alternative mail management programs
for both VMS and Unix systems. I'm especially interested in anything
that's cheap or free, and easily available.

Please respond by mailing directly to me. If someone wants the results,
send me mail and I'll send a summary.

Keith Moore Internet:
UT Computer Science Dept. CSnet: UT Computer Science Dept. CSnet: moore@tennessee
Knoxville Tennessee BITNET: Knoxville Tennessee BITNET: moore@utkcs1

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