RE A routing mystery -- some small input

3 Sep 87 01:00:00 EST

Being curious, I did some pinging from my direct net-10 host, SCCGATE.SCC.COM
( It has its DEFAULT route set to PURDUE-CS-GW.ARPA.

I ping successfully off of FUZZ.CSC.ORG (

I could not raise a response from NOAO.ARIZONA.EDU ( for quite
some time. I made a number of attempts over a 10-15 minute period.
I found this curious, as this is simply the address on the 192.31.165 network
for the machine I had just heard from using the 128.196 network.
Further, I had initially been unable to raise any hosts on 192.31.165, and
after I started to hear from the 192.31.165 side of NOAO.ARIZONA.EDU, I
also found that I could reach those back hosts, but the ping echo times
were much longer than those obtained from the 128 addressed gateways/hosts.

I checked my routing table. Here is what I found.

destination net gateway




It appears that I'm routing through a MILNET gateway to reach
net 192.31.165.

Hope this info can be of some help to you,

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