Research on large packet-switched network behavior

Glenn Trewitt (trewitt@miasma.Stanford.EDU)
2 Sep 1987 1628-PDT (Wednesday)

I am trying to find out about people who are doing or have done
research related to my own. Read on if you think you might have some

When not working in the various network management activities, I am
supposed to be writing a thesis describing the results of my studies of
the Stanford Ethernet's behavior and performance. The particular areas
that I am interested in are:
        micro-level behavior of networks/links
                interarrival times
                packet size distribution
                traffic volume

        behavior of routers (gateways)
                packet delay

        macro-level behavior of the whole internetwork
                traffic matrices

        conclusions from this data
                suitablility of the topology for the presented load
                saturation point for routers
                performance as load increases
                performance as size/complexity increases

Yes, I realize that this is a lot of stuff, and I don't expect to
actually cover it all, but it's a starting point.

What I am interested in finding out from the people on this list is to
see if there has been published research on these topics based upon
Internet experience. I realize that many of these parameters (such as
saturation point:-) have been determined by actual experiment in the
Arpanet, but has anyone actually written about it. [I suspect that
people may be too busy fending off the aligators to actually write
reports, but I can hope.]

Thanks in advance,
        Glenn Trewitt

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