Wanted: TCP/IP for an IBM PC/AT

Amit S. Joshi (phoenix!asjoshi@princeton.edu)
2 Sep 87 16:31:28 GMT


As a part of a simulator being built here I have to connect up an Iris
(running UNIX) and an IBM PC/AT running DOS 3.2. I thought of using a serial
link but it turns out to be too slow. The Iris does not have a parallel port
(and to get an optional one costs around $4k I'm told). The IBM PC/AT has got
a 3-Com board and has the MIT TCP/IP package. The Iris also has a complete
TCP/IP package. I want to use this to hook up the Iris and the AT. Now the
Iris has Socket libraries which simplify opening ports from programs. I was
looking for something similar at the AT end of the business.

I DON'T have the source to the MIT package but the binaries definitely do
not come with a socket library (or its equivalent).

Anybody know of anything out there? Preferably Public Domain, if not at a
reasonable cost. Also preference is for sources. There is a restriction :
I have only Lattice C v3 and Turbo C v1 compilers so binary libraries should
be compatible with these compilers.


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