Dialup SLIP (was Re: Where can I find SLIP server for 4.2/3?)

Andrew Knutsen (ctnews!mitisft!andrew@unix.sri.com)
1 Sep 87 22:04:13 GMT

in article <in article <8708311459.AA25432@oswego>, in article <8708311459.AA25432@oswego>, beadel@oswego.UUCP (Edward F. Beadel, Jr.) says:
> Does anybody know of a 4.3( or 4.2)bsd version that has been hacked
> to allow dialup use? We are having "campus political problems" getting a

        We have had such a system running internally here at Convergent
Technologies for about a year. In that time, it has run under both 4.2
and 4.3 based CTIX (Convergent's UNIX), and will soon be released with
our System V.3.1 Streams / 4.3 BSD (with RFS & NFS) product.

        If you cannot find a non-commercial source, I can put you in touch
with someone here and maybe we can get you one of the earlier mbuf-based
versions. However its possible you'd have to buy it, either with hardware
from us (or one of our customers) or possibly from Lachman Associates.

        I intend to post some more detailed experiences/queries regarding
address selection and routing in this environment sometime in the near
future, when I have more time to work on this project...

Andrew Knutsen
(408) 435-3623

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