Re: Help with broken TCP

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Tue, 1 Sep 87 14:28:54 MDT

4.3BSD network bug (#9, tcp_output) had a fix for an undetected data
loss during connection closing. This may well have fixed the data loss
due to lost data segments, but, apparently it will cause the symptom
I reported if the data segment with FIN is lost. If the test:

        if (flags & TH_FIN && tp->t_flags & TF_SENTFIN && len == 0)

succeeds the #9 code decremented tp->sndnxt by one. Instead, I set
tp->snd_nxt = tp->snd_una, and the symptom went away. I'm not saying
this is a fix, but it may point more to the problem.

Phil Wood (

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