Re: tn3270 beta version bug
Mon, 31 Aug 87 13:48:29 PDT


        You reported a problem with the beta test version of tn3270, which
makes it fail using the CMS "note" command (in "input" mode). The CMS "note"
command uses "fullread". This is, by the way, a bad use of your network (since
it transfers the entire 3270 screen buffer to the host everytime an AID-
generating key is hit). However, tn3270 was designed to support this mode.

        So, here is the fix. The file is tn3270/api/ebc_disp.c. The structure
being changed is the "disp_ebc" table (for translating display codes
to ebcdic. The problem is that NULLs are being translated into 0xff's;
NULLs should be translated into NULLs.

< static char sccsid[] = "%W% (Berkeley) %G%";

> static char sccsid[] = "@(#)ebc_disp.c	3.2 (Berkeley) 8/31/87";
< /*00*/	0xff,	0xce,	0xcf,	0xdd,	0xde,	0xdf,	0xed,	0xee,
> /*00*/	0x00,	0xce,	0xcf,	0xdd,	0xde,	0xdf,	0xed,	0xee,

Note that the tar files on have been changed.

Thanks again for the bug report.

Greg Minshall

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