Re: Where can I find SLIP server for 4.2/3?

Edward F. Beadel, Jr. (beadel%oswego.UUCP@devvax.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Mon, 31 Aug 87 10:59:17 edt

Mike Karels writes (among other things regarding SLIP):
>of which have manual entries. These programs are designed for more-or-less
>static configurations, as they don't allow dialup use (very easily)
>and don't do dynamic address assignment. The original versions of slip

        Does anybody know of a 4.3( or 4.2)bsd version that has been hacked
to allow dialup use? We are having "campus political problems" getting a
dedicated 9600 baud line to another building that will connect through the
SUNY InterCampus Data Network to NYSERNet and thus to the INTERNET. However
we can buy a pair of 9600baud modems and dial up a phone that is right next
to our on campus SICDN port. Of course the 9600baud modems are more expensive,
however they seem to be the only way for now (sigh .......)
        We'd *LOVE* any help at this point since we don't have the time to
hack it ourselves at this point in time. (Most of our Systems Programming
effort is in beta 2.10 at present).



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