Re: Where can I find SLIP server for 4.2/3?

Robert Elz (uunet!munnari!
30 Aug 87 18:45:37 GMT

In article <18137@amdcad.AMD.COM>, phil@amdcad.AMD.COM (Phil Ngai) writes:
> Now I want to ifconfig sl0 and sl1. How do I know which dstaddr to
> associate with sl0 and which with sl1? Does it matter? If not, how
> does the kernel know which tty line to send the packets down?

It matters, and this has been bugging me too. The only way to
solve this currently is to run all the slattach's serially, which
means that if there's no carrier on the first (the remote end is
down when you're booting) the second doesn't happen until carrier
appears (who knows how long).

It happens that its trivial to fix this, with no major changes
to anything. Rather than tell slattach which slN it should use,
we can just have it tell us which one it was assigned, then /etc/rc.local
can look like

        UNIT=`slattach ttyh0 9600`
        dstaddr $UNIT ... # if needed
        ifconfig $UNIT ...

All the support needed for slattach to do this is there already, I'm
going to add the few lines needed (there will probably be a flag to
cause this behaviour for backward compatability) sometime very soon
now. I'll post the diffs.


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