Re: Where can I find SLIP server for 4.2/3?

Rick Adams (rick@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Sun, 30 Aug 87 00:36:31 EDT

You can ftp the source code for SLIP from as the
file ~ftp/pub/sl.shar.Z

This file contains the code for 4.2bsd systems and Sun 3.X. If you
have 4.3bsd, you already have SLIP (it is surprising how many people
ask this). It is known to run on vaxes and suns. It may run on other systems
depending on how much the vendor "fixed" that wasn't broken.

Note: SLIP is ONLY a device driver. You have to come up with
your own IP, TCP, ICMP, ETC

To answer the other popular question, no there is no RFC describing the
"protocol" (I hesitate to call it a protocol. Its a simple framing


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