Re: Where can I find SLIP server for 4.2/3?

Mike Karels (
Sat, 29 Aug 87 17:16:48 PDT

I'm not sure what you mean by a SLIP server; the SLIP protocol for
the 4BSD side of a connection is included in 4.3 as if_sl.c. It is
configured into a kernel with a line like
        pseudo-device sl 4
in the system config file, where the number is the number of lines to support.
The lines are then set up with the programs slattach and ifconfig, each
of which have manual entries. These programs are designed for more-or-less
static configurations, as they don't allow dialup use (very easily)
and don't do dynamic address assignment. The original versions of slip
and slattach were written for 4.2BSD, and they are probably still available

Of course, you'll need a corresponding protocol module for the PC end,
along with IP/TCP support; if that's what you're asking for, I don't
know where to find it.


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