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Tait Cyrus (hi!
29 Aug 87 17:39:31 GMT

In article <1615@briar.Philips.Com> jmr@philabs.Philips.Com (Joanne Mannarino) writes:
>In trying to upgrade our SUN 3/180 fileserver (named condor) to SUN UNIX
>version 3.4 along with 11 diskless clients, I ran into some problems. The
> ...
>Ethernet). The problem began when the booting process got to the point for:
> starting rpc and net services: portmap router biod
>The boot process then halts with the following error messages:
> server not responding
> RPC: program not registered
> mount retrying

Something that ?might? be causing some problems is that when a SUN client
boots, it determines its netmask from an ICMP (rfc 950) 'netmask request'.

At one point, here at the University of New Mexico, one of our SUN's
was configured with the WRONG netmask. When we tried to boot our
diskless clients, they got the wrong netmask and were unable to talk
with the server. Rebooting the server did not fix the problem because
it got the netmask from the partially booted clients. We ended up
halting ALL of our SUN's, booting the servers with the correct netmask,
and THEN booting our clients.

I don't know if this is your problem or not, but you might look into it.

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