How do I turn on RARP handling.

B. Banerjee (bpa!sjuvax!
28 Aug 87 07:08:49 GMT


I've been adding a bunch of PC's with various network
boards/software to our little local net. I'd like to turn on RARP
(if possible) on one of our Unix systems. Most of the users of
these PC's will be regular users. I would like to be able to give
them a diskette and have them insert and run it (Just like
wordstar or something).

At any rate, I figured that I could centralise the management by
letting them get their internet addresses via RARP. Unfortunately
I can't seem to find out how to turn it on with our Vax. We're
running BSD 4.3. In case it makes a difference, we also have a
Microvax running Ultrix 2.0 and a Sun 2 running 3.4 on the same
network (Well, actually the Sun is waiting for the Ethernet-2
board). So, turning it on for one of these is also a possibility.

I grepped through the sources, the documentation, and the manual
pages. The only match I found was in trek(6), which gave me
``w\fRarp drive''. Though it sounds like fun, I don't think
that's what I want :-(

Thanks (in anticipation),

                                Binayak Banerjee
                {allegra | astrovax | bpa | burdvax}!sjuvax!bbanerje

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