Re: Are simultaneous TCP opens useful?

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27 Aug 87 21:48:26 GMT

In article <> (Eric Cooper) writes:
>Can anyone defend the usefulness of allowing simultaneous active OPENs to
>result in a single connection? It seems to me that a pair of would-be
>communicants cannot rely on this to succeed, since it would depend on the
>relative time at which they give the OPEN command.
>Suppose an implementation rejected incoming SYNs when in the SYN-SENT state,
>instead of entering SYN-RECEIVED. How could you ever observe that this
>implementation is really nonconforming, and not just faster or slower?
>Am I wrong? Does anyone have examples of applications that depend on this

yeah.. A pipe. A TCP connection can be used as a pipe if it connects to
itself. This sounds wierd, but it works, and its a guaranteed simultaneous

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