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28 Aug 87 05:06:05 GMT

In article <>, hedrick@TOPAZ.RUTGERS.EDU (Charles Hedrick) writes:
> X.Y.255.255 is the new form. X.Y.0.0 is the old form. Unfortunately
> it is easier to convince new software to use the old than old software
> to use the new. So until everybody updates, it may be easiest to
> stick with the old format.
Agreed, until you have a net where 100% can understand new style
broadcasts you should leave it as the old style.

> The decision is in fact made in the
> kernel, not rwho. You use ifconfig to choose the broadcast address.
> Ifconfig is a program that primarily does system calls to set up
> various options in the kernel.

WRONG! All of the programs in the 4.3bsd distribution that broadcast
make an ioctl call to get the kernel broadcast address which is
set via /etc/ifconfig. SunOS 3.[3-4] suffers from the fact that
none of their programs that broadcast check the kernel broadcast
address and insist on using old style 4.2bsd broadcasts.

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