Re: SUN 3.4 problems

Greg Earle (jplopto!
27 Aug 87 18:49:22 GMT

        Are you running YP? Your boots are dying when it tries to do NFS
mounts; in order to do this there has to be an entry for the rpc.mountd
daemon in /etc/servers, so the program can be registered. Trouble is,
when you install diskless clients, either /etc/servers or /etc/services
(or both) *do not get installed* on diskless clients. If it is /etc/servers
and (I think) you do not run Yellow Pages, then the portmapper will not
be able to get the entry for the server, and it will emit the messages
you describe.
        I suggest you halt all your diskless clients, retry the 3.4 kernel on
`condor', then successively mount /dev/ndl[0-9?] onto /mnt, and do a
cp /etc/servers /mnt/etc/servers (and do /etc/services just to make sure).
Then unmount /mnt. After you're all done, reboot the server with the 3.4
kernel, then try the client reboots again. See what happens.

Just a thought,

        - Greg

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