Re: Sun routers...

28 Aug 1987 18:35:00 EDT

Greg, The "good idea" you refer to (Europeans putting on a TCP/IP
interoperability show) is something that we are working on here in
the USA. We are working with many dozens of vendors to construct
a permanent facility for demonstrating TCP/IP interoperability to
the public. It will be open daily and we have scheduled the opening
for January, 1988. It will live at Techmart, next to the Santa Clara
Convention Center and should be an impressive activity. It is called
the Connectivity Showcase and will be paid for by the vendors who
want to clearly demonstrate that their products run harmoniously
together. Users will be able to come in and run demos between any
machines they wish to find out about. If it really catches on
we wil be opening up additional sites in other US locations.


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