Broadcast Storms

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Wed, 26 Aug 87 12:20:28 MDT

This subject may have been discussed before. But,
LANL was experiencing broadcast storms on an ethernet.
About 100 hosts on the ether would send a message back to
a lone Ultrix V2.0-1 (Microvax) system running the rwho daemon
every few minutes. It was broadcasting to and all
these hosts were sending back some kind of arp to find out who the
guy was so they could probably send him some kind of response
(Connection refused?).

Anyhow, as in the problem with reverse arp responses of zero (a previous
missive) I spent some time tracking down the culprit. Once I found
him, the fix was to terminate the rwho daemon (and remove entry from
the startup file).

Network management in a heterogeneous environment, anyone?

Phil Wood (

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