Suns, Symbolics, Celerities and Reverse ARP

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Wed, 26 Aug 87 12:08:16 MDT

Excuse if you already know about this problem. But,
a recent release of software for the Celerity OS caused
a big headache here at LANL. The symptom was Suns and
Symbolics machines could not boot or communicate because
they could not find out their internet addresses via RARP.
Or, rather, they found out a wrong address, namely
This tidbit of information was provided by the Celerity RARP

I give credit to Celerity for finding out about the problem and
fixing it. However, it took some sluthing with etherfind to figure
out who the culprit was on our part. And, then finding the offending
piece of hardware, and then finding someone who would take responsibility
for it, and then calling up Celerity support. Once we got that far
the fix was easy. Run ifconfig with the -arp option, and wait for
the patch tapes in the mail. The came the next day.

Phil Wood (

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