Re: ethernet interface perversity

Roy Smith (phri!roy@NYU.ARPA)
26 Aug 87 02:50:42 GMT

In <In <862@mcgill-vision.UUCP> In <862@mcgill-vision.UUCP> mouse@mcgill-vision.UUCP (der Mouse) writes:
# If this is so it is a software problem. I can see no reason why UNIX (say)
# couldn't be set up to respond to ARP requests for more than one IP address
# per interface.

        The Kinetics KFPS Ethernet-to-AppleTalk bridge box (at least when
loaded with the Stanford KIP gateway code) is quite capable of responding to
multiple IP addresses using a single ethernet address. If KIP can do it, I
don't see any reason why a UNIX kernel can't.

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