Re: ethernet interface perversity

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15 Aug 87 05:09:53 GMT

In article <8708050046.AA07011@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, JOHNSON@NUHUB.ACS.NORTHEASTERN.EDU ("I am only an egg.") writes:
> We did some experimentation with our various ethernet interfaces and
> discovered that something which was hinted at in many of the
> responses seems to be true. The ethernet interfaces we have will
> each respond to only one internet number at a time.

If this is so it is a software problem. I can see no reason why UNIX
(say) couldn't be set up to respond to ARP requests for more than one
IP address per interface. The reason you need a gateway node is that
the software is not currently set up to do this, and thus you need
either a gateway or some serious low-level network code hacking to
allow multiple IP addresses per interface, or alternatively multiple
pseudo-interfaces which all send their packets out on the same physical

In other words - yes, it will work to have multiple IP networks on the
same cable. However, you need either a gateway or some
currently-nonexistent software.

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