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> :I guess this is a relatively new system
> :doesn't seem to have any items listed.
> I never got a newgroup message, but I remember some discussion a couple
> months ago. Was the group ever approved? Is it part of inet?
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> # Thanks;
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comp.protocols.iso is an inet distribution newsgroup. If all of
USENET wants it, just ask Eric Fair <>.
Note that I am *NOT* conducting such a news group poll. (Perhaps Bill
wants to?)

Followups directed to news.groups. enjoy -len

PS: comp.protocols.iso is gated with the Internet mailing list (this
description is from ZELLICH's list-of-lists):


   Discussion group focusing on the ISO protocol stack. The list naturally
   has some overlap with the ISODE list; contributors are urged to use the
   appropriate list based on their topic of discussion.

   Archives are kept on the host NRTC-GREMLIN.NORTHROP.COM (
   Use "anonymous" ftp to retrieve file "archive/iso.mbox" which represents
   the current archives.

   All requests to be added to or deleted from this list, problems,
   questions, etc., should be sent to questions, etc., should be sent to ISO-Request@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM.

   Coordinator: Marshall T. Rose <MRose@NRTC-GREMLIN.NORTHROP.COM>

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