Re: in.named on SunOS3.4 and its friends

Kurt Zeilenga (hi!
24 Aug 87 17:06:13 GMT

In article <In article <704@ucdavis.UUCP> (Sam McCall) writes:
>Has anyone had any success in getting things like telnet,
>ftp, rlogin, and so forth to work with the nameserver under
>SunOS 3.4? I've tried taking 4.2BSD source and compiling
>it on the suns with the resolver library, but it just doesn't
>seem to work.

Assuming you got the named(8) running on your SUNs, and use YP,
just start up ypserv with a -i flag. The YP server will then
use the named(8) to resolve any unknown request. Your client
will not use named(8) directly, but via the YP server.

Good Luck.

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