Sun routers...

Percy Irani (amdcad!percy@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Aug 87 19:31:30 GMT

We are seriously considering evaluation of Sun based IP routers
for our Ethernet. Does any one out (in the world) uses Sun routers
for connecting their Ethernet (TCP/IP)? [ I know Sun does!! ]

What about using them with DECNET sharing the same (leased phone) line?

Any other problems people have encountered using the Sun product
(ala reliability, routing updates, size constraints etc.)

Does any one uses their software for network monitoring?

What does the rest of the world use for network monitoring *
  - for monitoring their TCP/IP based Ethernet (for the main backbone)
  - for monitoring lease line(s) for other internet connections
    (lets assume all TCP/IP type connections).
  - Any public domain stuff?

  * monitoring = BIG WORD!! Like to know what other people do. There
    have been intresting articles in IEEE Network issues about them.
    Lets see whats being done in the world!

Ignorance is bliss but can be embarassing at times!

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