NFS for PC's

Robert Claeson (mcvax!enea!pvab!
22 Aug 87 16:54:22 GMT

We're about to incorporate most of our PC's into the Ethernet w/TCP-IP
we use for our UNIX machines. Since we use NFS on most computers, we think
it would be a good idea to use NFS on the PC's as well. Now there's PC/NFS
from Sun. Version 1.x is the one I've seen, but 2.x is released now. Rumours
has it that Pyramid also has a NFS implementation for PC's.

Which one should I use? The telnet in Sun's PC/NFS was almost useless. We
need support for national characters, ie we need to be able to remap the
keyboard in about the same way as SmarTerm 240. But maybe version 2.x is
better? Or maybe I should continue to use ST240 for terminal communication,
connected to a terminal server?

By the way, is it possible to use another telnet together with Sun's PC/NFS
and 3Com's EtherLink card? And is there only plain vt100 telnets for PC's?
I could have use for vt240 emulation.

Please respond me by e-mail, and I'll summarize the responses.

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