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Bob Tomlinson (
1 Jan 88 01:46:18 GMT

in article <>, templin@DECVAX.DEC.COM (Fred Templin) says:
> The DELUA should be plug-compatible with the 4.3BSD if_de.c driver.

It isn't (*exactly*).

>I work
> with the ULTRIX network drivers, and the only change we've made for DELUA's
> is a check in the "deprobe" routine to make sure the board has passed power-
> up self test before forcing an interrupt. I don't believe this is done in the
> 4.3BSD driver, but I really don't see this as being a problem.

It is a problem. The DELUA takes a LONG time to run its self-check.
On Unibus reset it runs its self-check. So there are two ways to get it up:
        1) Fix the probe routine to wait until the device is back from self
           test (or at least DELAY a long time so you're sure it's done with
           the self check) before trying to get it to interrupt.
        2) Boot the kernel by (on a 780)
                B ANY
           and by the time you can type in the name of your kernel
           and hit return the DELUA's self check will be done.
           Of course this isn't convient in a long term, but you can
           at least get the machine up to go in and fix the source.


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