Re: bridge on sun (cr/lf)

David R. Marquardt (lll-winken!uunet!rosevax!
18 Aug 87 18:43:33 GMT

In article <In article <378@swivax.UUCP> In article <378@swivax.UUCP> jan@swivax.UUCP (Jan Wielemaker) writes:
>We have a Bridge CS/100 terminal multiplexer and a SUN Unix network
>running SunUnix 3.2. When I connect via the Bridge all CR's are mapped
>on LF's, even with the driver in 'nl' mode. Probably the telnet daemon
>is doing this, but it is very anoying with Emacs editors! Who knows a
>fix for this?

We just upgraded to SunOS 3.4, and this fixed the problem.


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