Re: Generalized Subnetting

Phil R. Karn (
Tue, 18 Aug 87 23:04:14 edt

I thought this probably wasn't original, but I'm glad to see somebody
else considers it worthwhile.

I too was concerned about the speed of the algorithm. I originally
implemented it in a totally brute-force fashion. A "for" loop searches
the hash table 32 times starting with the widest possible mask and
working down until it hits a match. I assumed I would have to place a
cache on top of this to get decent performance. To my delight, however,
I discovered that going all the way down to the default entry still took
only 6 milliseconds -- on a Taiwanese PC/XT turbo clone! Given the
channel speeds involved in the environment I wrote my software for, I
didn't consider further optimization to be a high priority task.

Sometimes brute force is good enough...


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