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Chuck Kollars (mtxinu!excelan!chuck@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
Tue, 18 Aug 87 14:15:21 pdt

Subject: 2 IP's on 1 LAN
Keywords: TCP-IP Vitalink MAC-Bridge Ethernet

The need to have 2 logically separate IP networks on a single
datalink (specifically, an Ethernet LAN) for administrative reasons
has arisen.
   a) Some nodes on a LAN have officially assigned IP addresses
      because they sometimes interoperate with another network. To
      conserve IP addresses, other nodes on the same LAN are assigned
      IP addresses from a separate address space.
   b) Two networks which are geographically separated, and which have
      been administered separately, are now being connected by a
      Vitalink datalink-level MAC-bridge.]

Based on experience with similar situations, is the best course of
action to:
  1) Modify the IP routing algorithm in each node to understand the
     notion of a "direct" route.

  2) Reassign IP addresses so that all nodes have the same IP network

  3) Install separate devices which act as fake gateways.

  4) Other

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