Re: ethernet multicast

Mon, 17 Aug 87 09:50:38 PDT

                Is there such a thing as an IP *group* address and if
                there is what is it used for?

                Next if there are IP group addresses how do they work
                in an internetting environment.

                If there are IP group addresses, does it make any sense to
                map them to ethernet multicast addresses (which I guess would
                be assigned to groups of hosts dynamically) and if it does how
                would one go about handling multinetwork IP group addresses
                for which multicasting would be clearly insufficient.

Please see RFC988 for the definition of IP group addresses. Although it
is not yet an Internet standard, it is likely to become one soon.
Experimental implementations for 4.3BSD are available, as previously
announced on this list.

   Bob Braden

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