Re: RFS vs NFS

M.HAAS (mtune!whuts!homxb!houxa!mel1@RUTGERS.EDU)
16 Aug 87 16:15:42 GMT

Would someone please post a note explaining all this? What is
statelessness? Is it good or bad? Why would someone care?

I think the original posting asked for an explination of the
differences between RFS and NFS. A good question, worth answering.
But, please in English and please in terms of a user, or
administrator, or purchaser, too. (As well as academics.)

     Mel Haas , odyssey!mel

P.S. Can someone please expand this discussion to include a user's
(and/or administrator's) perspective on NFS vs RFS vs NewCastle vs
rcp-rsh-rlogin? Particularly, which can co-exist on the network?
Which take up the most resources? the most administration? Which
are easiest to use? Which presents the least pain at malfunction
time? etc? Thanks.

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