Re: RFS vs NFS

Guy Harris (gorodish!
16 Aug 87 09:11:33 GMT

> The client has a 'handle' for a file that can always be recognized
> by the server and maintains local state as to 'offset', etc.

If by that you mean that a file handle contains the current offset in the file
as used for I/O operations, a file handle contains no such thing. In SunOS,
the file handle for a UNIX file contains a unique identifier for the file, made
out of a file system ID and a file ID containing the i-number and generation
count, and that's it.

The current I/O offset is maintained by the client for each open instance of a
file; if the client crashes, this data is obviously of no interest (since all
the processes that have the file open have gone away), so it gets thrown away.
        Guy Harris
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