RE: Ethernet problems induced by bogus ICMP Address Mask Reply

Jerry Scott (
14 Aug 87 11:00:00 PDT

On date, 8 Aug 87, Preston Mullen <> wrote:

>>==> Potential users of Wollongong 3.0 software should get a fix from
>>Wollongong before running 3.0 on a network where a machine might
>>broadcast an ICMP address mask request.

A fix may be obtained for this problem by using anonymous ftp to
host ( and obtaining image ip_icmp.o. The file
is in binary/record format and should be transferred from a Wollongong
host running either release 2.3 or 3.0.

Also, image named472.sav, can be obtained at this time. This is
the new version of the bind name server from D. Kingston, et al.
The image is in VMS Backup format and should be obtained using
binary/record mode from a Wollongong host.


Jerry Scott

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