Re: SMTP question

David Roode (ROODE@BIONET-20.ARPA)
Wed 12 Aug 87 11:40:53-PDT

One reason not to expand SMTP to provide for 8 bit ASCII
is that there are a goodly number of obscure computer
made by a company called IBM that are probably already
internally converting 7 bit ASCII into 8 bit EBCDIC.
Who knows what would happen to information encoded into
the ASCII parity bit when transmission to one of these
guys were attempted. Some of them are still sending
mail messages to each other by pretending to punch
cards on each others' virtual card punch. Not to poke fun,
this is just an example of the sort of baggage that accumulates
when one is in business for 40 years or more, give or take
a few years, in a field beset by technological advances.
It's a miracle that ASCII itself is acceptable in
the international community, and I am sure there are some
problems with that--going through international
mail gateways to other countries' research mail networks
would engender problems for 8 bit ASCII, I suspect.

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