Re: Mailing to DEC Easynet

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Tue, 11 Aug 87 21:01:03 PDT

In article <12325530286.154.A.ERIC@GSB-HOW.Stanford.EDU> A.Eric@GSB-HOW.STANFORD.EDU (Eric M. Berg) writes:
>It's helpful to know that DEC Easynet nodes seem to have two different names
>each: a DECnet node name, and an internet-style name. So, for example, most
>of the Santa Clara office sales people have accounts on "USWRSL.DEC.COM"
>("US Western Region SaLes", as close as I can guess), which is also known
>as "RHEA" (DECnet node name).

This is done (no suprise) by using the domain name server, which has
an MX record defined for all of the valid DECNET node names in the DEC
Enet. From the outside, you should be able to get to any DEC Enet node
by sending to <username>@<dec node name>, assuming you run the
nameserver. The node RHEA is merely a forwarding node in the internal
chain between DECWRL and the rest of the DEC Enet.

Domain names; there not just for IP anymore..

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