Re: DECnet Ethernet interface addresses (was Re: IBM TCP)

Jeffrey C Honig (
Tue, 11 Aug 87 21:50:54 EDT

>>I'm afraid I fail to see where you get AA-00-03-01-10-E7 from 19.53.
>>or, node 57.784.
>Well, I'm afraid I didn't get it: DECnet did. I guess it doesn't
>use your algorithm.

Actually, it does.

>Hardware address = AA-00-03-01-1D-E7

What your 'ncp show line una-0 char' report is showing you is the
hardware ethernet address before DECnet changes it. Try looking
at an Ethernet monitor. If you are running TCP/IP on that host
they try looking in the ARP cache of another host or router on that
network for the Ethernet address that is actually being used.


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