Re: Blue Book

Geof Cooper (imagen!apolling!
Tue, 11 Aug 87 15:29:21 pdt

> I keep seeing references to "The Blue Book". What, exactly, is that?

The Ethernet
A Local Area Network
Data Link Layer and Physical Layer Specifications

DEC, Intel, Xerox (all three logo's on the cover)

Version 2.0
November, 1982

I got mine from Xerox. The address given for orders is:

    Xerox Corporation
    Office Systems Division
    Ethernet Literature Department
    3450 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304

There is a net-mail address that would translate to
"" these days. You can try that.
The phone number listed is 415 494 5886.

I suspect that these days the XNS institute handles
such requests.

- Geof

PS: The cover IS blue on version 2. The cover of version 1 was gray
    with a blue stripe.

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